Fire Safety

fire safety is of the utmost importance

Hoopsie Daisies believe that it is of the utmost importance that safety precautions are provided during each and every fire performance and fire show. Upon booking, we assure our clients that we will come prepared with fire safety technicians for each act and that we will always arrive 15-30 minutes in advance. Hoopsie Daisies arrive with proper fuel,  duvetyn cloths (fire retardant blankets) and C02 extinguishers. Furthermore, we can always ensure our clients that we are ready to perform after spending a good amount of time setting up our performance space and fuel storage station, introducing ourselves to any other vendors providing music for the event, and making sure all guests are able to watch and enjoy the show at the perfect distance!

It is required that the space provided for the Daisies to perform in is at a minimum of 15×15 feet and high ceilings of at least 20 feet with proper ventilation. This does not include fire breathing. We kindly suggest that fire breathing is performed only outdoors on concrete floor! It is not safe to perform fire breathing indoors with low ceilings. Keep in mind clean-up will take about 20 minutes before anyone can return to the floors so they don’t slip and fall from any excess fuel.

Additionally, our fire safety’s on staff will work with each client to designate a safe “spin-off station” before the show, where we can prepare our fire props away from the crowd.

Most importantly…

As mentioned, at the end of each performance our fire safety technicians make sure proper clean up is provided to leave no trace.

There is an additional cost for a fire safety technician if the show will consist of only 1-2 fire performers. Please contact us for our rates or if you have any concerns about the necessary safety measures we must follow.

If you have any questions regarding safety precautions in NY State, this link will help familiarize the procedures and steps it takes to legally perform.Fire Safety