Isabel Sierra

Isabel is a glass blower & professional flow artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Since the team first came together in 2012, Isabel has opened many doors with her creativity. She went from hooping, to fire performing, & now can be seen flame working daily where she spends most of her days also working full-time at Brooklyn Glass. Throughout her practice, Isabel has mastered combining the element of fire in all of her skill sets.

Isabel Fire Dancerspecialties: fan veils, led hoop, led mini hoops, fire & led poi, fire palm torches, fire fans, fire sword, fire contact staff, Fire helio staff, & fire hooping.



Isabel began her practice by first learning how to  hoop. Over the years, she's advanced to double, & even quadruple hoop techniques.  She is also the Hoopsie Daisies leading Workshop Instructor.


Best known for her tantalizing skills in Hoop Dance, this Daisy uses state of the art smart technology hoops during every LED performance. Props include Single Hoop, Mini Hoops, & Poi.


As a Specialty Insured Fire Artist professional, she has skill in multi-prop performances for our fire show. Fire Props include: palm torches, staff, sword, helio staff, hoop, & fans.

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