Jessica Lynn

Ever since Jessica first picked up the hoop, she has been able to express herself in ways she had never discovered. This created a new awakening for her, opening up doors to new interests as she developed a higher appreciation for music, art, & her own well-being. From the start, she had realized that this lifelong journey would not only shape her lifestyle & interests, but it would also change the world we live in. 

Since the Hoopsie Daisies were formed back in 2012, she has gained tons of knowledge on object manipulation & performance arts. Residing in Queens, NY, she spends her weekends traveling with the Daisies for all types of events throughout their local surrounding areas. With skill sets in various forms of prop dance, she combines her knowledge of technical skills for the perfect combination of flow & eye-catching tricks.

For Jess, there is no greater success than bringing her visions to life while finding different things she is good at, which she enjoys more than anything. With tons of practice & help from her tribe of flow sisters, her dreams sparked a flame as they began spreading the beauty of flow & fire performance arts. The more she expands her practices, the more colorful & exciting life shapes out to be.

Jessica's approach to flow arts is not only used as a holistic exercise, but also a way to gain control over the mind, body, & soul. This has helped her to explore several natural & rewarding techniques to leading a healthy, active, & prismatic lifestyle. More each day her goals are pursued, as she is constantly learning to open new doors simply by dreaming out loud.

Helio Staff
Specialties: Fire/LED Performances, Hoop, Mini Hoop Tech, Buugeng, Fan Veils, Juggling, Levitation Wand, Contact Poi, Palm Torches, Sword, Contact Staff, Double Staff, Triads, Helio Staff, & Fire Breathing.



Jessica first learned to hula hoop before opening doors to other flow props. Her preferred style of hoop dance is Mini Hoop Manipulation, a skill she is most familiar with when it comes to performing & teaching.


With her specialty in technical object manipulation, Jessica uses the latest in smart technology flow equipment during each performance act. Props include Single Hoop, Mini Hoops, Double Staff, & Poi.


Jessica is Specialty Insured Fire Artist Professional with skill in multi-prop performances. Fire Props include: palm torches, staff, sword, hoop, fans, triads, poi, breathing daggers, & helio staff.